We specialise in website design for small businesses and have been designing websites for quite a while now. Our clients are in various sectors of industry. Our main focus is on small businesses or start-up companies.

A website representing your company or brand has become pivotal, especially in this day and age. It is especially important when you want to attract new business or make potential customers or clients aware of your brand.

The world of technology is advancing every day, and smartphones and tablets are starting to take over the use of desktop computers. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your website caters to these formats as well.

With that said, it is an absolute no-brainer that your website has to be responsive. A responsive website adjusts itself to all resolution screens, be it a tablet or smartphone. It looks good, even on a laptop or desktop screen.

Just like our graphic design, our website design for small businesses benefits start-up companies and small businesses because it is very affordable.

We take pride in our creations because we know your brand should leave a lasting impression on your clients. We are also aware of the importance of returning customers to build your brand.

For this reason, we work closely with you, the client, ensuring maximum satisfaction at every step. Your website will be hosted on a unique
URL while we are working on it for you to see in real time.

Your website can be accessed from anywhere, so we don’t have to have endless face-to-face meetings.

Our web design process is as follows:

In our quest to give you the best in website design for small businesses we design two layouts with your niche market in mind. We present the two rough responsive layouts to you.

After your general feedback on the designs, we narrow it down to one design. We then take it further and ascertain where we can improve it, be it graphics, colour or layout.

We fine-tune your images, colours, fonts, and placement of images to create a top-class website. We ensure that your website is user-friendly and that the user can easily navigate through it. It will be constructed with the ease of use in mind.

We recommend our
5-page Special Web Design Offer for small businesses or start-ups, as it offers all the necessary pages to get your brand out into the online world.

Our website design for small businesses include several bonuses. This offer is only limited for a short period, so seize the opportunity now!

A typical basic 5-page website consists of the following pages:
Homepage: This is where you tell the world about your wonderful product or service. It should be your focus page to grab your potential customer or client’s attention straight away. It should look professional, with easy navigation buttons and clear, concise text.

About page:
Here, you can elaborate on your motivation for starting your own small business and the motivation behind your product/service. You can also have a vision included, as well as a mission statement, and also what makes your company different.

Products/Services page: On this page, you can entice your potential buyer or client into seeing what you have on offer. This is where you can have a write-up about your speciality or niche market. You can show a few products and/or services with clear pictures.

It is important to note that original pictures get preference in search engines over stock images. So, grab that fancy smartphone and start shooting your personnel or your world-class products.

Gallery/Testimonial page: This page can showcase your line of products or services with a short description of each. Or you could have written testimonials from your customers acknowledging how good your products or services are. The choice is up to you.

Contact page: On this page, you will have all your important contact information. This will include your company name, address, phone number and e-mail. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, we can link this page to your social media accounts. We also include a basic contact form, which the user can fill in. Included are name, e-mail and message.

We also offer basic
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), where we fine-tune your website to rank higher in most search engines. To do this, we optimise your images (for faster loading speeds), link pages within your site, and make use of the right keywords.

Once you are happy with your website and ready to go live, we submit your site to most major search engines for it to be indexed and to be served on the world wide web.

We also open mailboxes for you to get your e-mail from potential clients or customers from your contact page’s contact form. A typical address will be something like info or admin@yourcompany.co.za.

Is your website old or not functioning properly? Let us redesign it for you and give it a new lease on life. Please
contact us.

Last but not least, we also do website updates on a site that we have built. At a small cost, we are able to update your images, events, prices, etc., if you don’t have the technical know-how or the time.

Let us be your first choice for website design for small businesses. The benefits will speak for itself.

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