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Decal or Sticker?

Most people ask what is the difference between decals and stickers?

Decal is a shortened form of decalcomania, from the original French décalcomanie, a technique for transferring prints onto pottery. Definitions of decal. either a design that is fixed to some surface or a paper bearing the design which is to be transferred to the surface. synonyms: decalcomania.

  • A decal is a one colour (any colour) design on vinyl that is cut out, and that can be stuck on most materials, without other backing, In other words; the vinyl design uses its own backing adhesive to stick to a surface by removing the transparent film in the front of the design.
  • A sticker, on the other hand can be a design of multiple colour vinyl, for example; blue, white or black, even transparent, and the backing paper at the back of the design has to be removed in order to stick it.

For most purpose, like sticking a design on your car, fridge, window or wall etc. - a decal is the perfect choice, as it can also be stuck on the inside of a glass pane, so the final product looks crisp once the transparent film IN FRONT of the design is removed, opposed to a sticker, where you have to remove the backing paper at the BACK of the design.